What are CFDs?

CFDs are financial contracts that allow to obtain profit up to 100% from deposited funds by one trade. The main principle of CFDs is that the trader has to define correct direction of asset price movement. In case the direction is defined correctly and trader's forecast is true, then he will receive the fixed profit.

Complex Forex market obliged traders to analyze attentively quotes of currency pairs, commodity goods, shares and stock markets. Only professional traders with enormous trading experience were able to achieve good results. It was necessary to employ market knowledge, patience and firmness, since some trades in financial markets could drag on for weeks or months.

However, with the advent of CFD and cryptocurrency, the instrument which allows to earn in the shortest possible time, it became possible to gain profit from rate difference in less than a minute. And it is not necessary to possess serious market knowledge or enormous experience.

Main advantages of financial instruments


At first, simplicity. You choose one of two options and earn from it. It is absolutely not difficult, especially if you have initial knowledge about the market.


At second, quickness. Minimum term of expiration on our platform is 1 minute. Thus, until you finish reading this article, someone will make several profitable trades!


At third, minimum initial deposit. Investments in Google or Facebook cost thousands of dollars. But with the help of CFD and crypto trading, $100 is enough to pinch a bit of profit from the world corporations.


And at last, you control your risks by yourself. Before you open a trade, you know exactly which percentage from the rate you will obtain in case of success. And even in case of failure, you lose only a fixed value, that was invested. Simplicity of calculations and profit will allow you to trade more confidently.