Withdrawal & Refund Policy

  • To withdraw funds from his/her account, the Client should send a withdrawal request from his/her personal profile. In order to fill in the withdrawal enquiry correctly, the Client shall choose one of the withdrawal payment providers shown in the list and identify all the necessary details.

  • Withdrawal queries are processed by the financial department of the Company one-at-a-time. The processing time may change from 1 business day up to 3 business days. The Company reserves the right to increase the processing time; in this case, the Company will notify the Client via any contact method specified by the Client in his/her profile.

  • The Client is able to withdraw funds only to the payment system that was used to deposit funds to his/her account. In case where it is technically impossible to withdraw funds to the payment system that was used to deposit funds, the payment method has to be chosen by the Company. In this case, the payment details shall meet the conditions indicated by the Client in his/her personal info.

  • The Client is totally responsible for the information he/she provides to the Company through the withdrawal query.

  • If the Client uses a bank card for depositing, withdrawals have to be made to this bank card in the amounts not exceeding the amount deposited within 90 (ninety) calendar days from the last deposit.